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Need a little more assistance sending a large file to an Interwest staff member, view the PDF with screen shots: Sending a file via the Cloud
Need a little more assistance logging in with your Interwest account, view the PDF with screen shots: Logging into the cloud

Interwest Cloud allows you to share files with Interwest members when those files are too large or otherwise not eligible as an email attachment.

1. Start by entering your email address. A verification email will be sent to this address. The email must be verified before the recipient is notified and the files are made available.

2. Enter the Interwest member's email address - separate multiple addresses with a ';' . See below for the list of allowed email domains.

3. Add a short message to be included in the email to the recipient.

4. Add Files Add File. See below for the file upload restrictions.

5. Click Send to upload the files and send the initial verification email.

Follow the instructions in the email to verify your intention to share the files.

Please note that the shared files will be deleted after 7 days.

Allowed Emaill
Maximum AgeFiles will be deleted after 7 days
Maximum Upload Size1000 MB
Maximum Upload Number10
Prohibited Extensions.exe

AddAddClick to Add files.
HelpHelpClick for this Help page.